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PostSubject: Lena Zoia [Human/Yuki-Onna   Lena Zoia [Human/Yuki-Onna I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 31, 2011 2:17 am

Basic Information
Name: Lena Zoia
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Species: Human/Yuki-Onna

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black

Skin color: Very pale white/snow white


Basic appearance: Has pale blue lips, that looks like it could be lipstick, but is natural. A wears all white, a white cloak, with white skinny jeans, and a white tang-top underneath, which is all hidden underneath the white cloak that keeps her warm. The cloak would barely touch the ground, only showing the soles over her white boots, that reach just underneath her knees.


Extra But Needed Information
Abilities: Lures in humans/animals so she can feed on blood. Can freeze living and non-living things into solid ice for a short mount of time. Can form into a snowy fog-like mist.

History: Lena Zoia's mother is a Yuki-Onna, a demoness that seduces men for blood, pleasure, or just for the fun of freezing them solid. Her father was a victim of the Yuki-Onna. Her father feeding her mother the seed, she got pregnant, and gave birth to Lena. Yuki-Onna came back for her father, to drop her off at his door step. But only to want revenge for getting her pregnant, she froze him solid, and adds him to the collection of men she keeps hidden in a place unknown. Lena Zoia hears this story from the two elders that where the parents of her father. The two grandparents tell her this story when she is 10 years old, when Lena knew she was different compared to the other students at school. When she grew older, she had to take care of her grandparents. When she was younger, she alawys had a close eye on her, her grandparents and the few people that knows of the story, not wanting her to feed on other people and children, nor wanting her to accidently freeze the others.

Personality: Her personailty is strong-willed, tries to be helpful without being harmful, and she can be quite adventrous. If you push the wrong buttons, she may freeze you for a short amount of time, enough time for her to escape.

Main Personality: Strong-willed

Dreams: To be considered normal, and to be like everyone else around her, human. Some dreams consists of her taking revenge on her mother for baring her.

Nightmares: Being casted out of the family for being a half-breed of a Yuki-Onna, and to loose her family by her sadly called mother.

Goals: To take revenge on her mother someday, and to have more control over the temperature of her skin and more control of her powers.

Likes: The winter, especially blizzards. White roses, and animals.

Dislikes: The warmth of summer, hurting/killing animals for her feeding needs, and accidently hurting something or someone without meaning to.

What does he/she like?: She would like a male who would take care of her, and that would accept her abilities, and if possible, not to be effected by them. Someone who would take care of her, and to help her find vengence of her mother, for her father and the other men that her mother killed. And to simply be there for her.
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Lena Zoia [Human/Yuki-Onna
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