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 Tene (The Hand Girl)

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PostSubject: Tene (The Hand Girl)   Tene (The Hand Girl) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 22, 2010 5:30 pm

Basic Information
Name: Tene (Rough Japanese for hand sound)
Age: 11
Sex: Female
Species: [Insert Species]

Eye color: Blue (Shade depending on mood)
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Pale, Caucasian
Extras/scars/markings: N/A
Basic appearance: Monochrome bording school attire
Picture: Tene (The Hand Girl) Intensive_backgrounds_for_oc__s_by_tyetyez-d32aye0

Extra But Needed Information
Abilities: Controllable hand like hair.
History: Mother and father died when she was aged 5. Lived in a care home until aged 10, ran away and hangs around in a abandoned parking lot. The reason her hair is possessed is unknown, it happened around her parents death. She thinks it was her parents last gift to her.
Personality: A cocky girl, who's a sweet heart at heart.
Main Personality: If she find a feature she can use, she will automatically try to win this person over. If the character isn't needed in her life, she will chuck them aside.
Dreams: Living with her family again.
Nightmares: A recurring dream of how her parents died.
Goals: To have a real family. (BAWW)
Likes: carparks, monochrome, rabbits, snow, adorable things.
Dislikes: planes.
What does he/she like?: she grows brotherly or sisterly bond with people.
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Tene (The Hand Girl)
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