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 Fateful Night(Open for anyone)

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PostSubject: Fateful Night(Open for anyone)   Fateful Night(Open for anyone) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 11:47 pm

The moon was high on this particular night.something stirred around the forest, the sounds of the creatures forbidding anyone from entering this part of the forest.Knowing this it was the perfect place for Rethiel to take shelter.Reth stumbled through the trees his breathing heavy.His right hand held his abdomen where a blade had been shoved in and out the other side.He closed his eyes tight, the pain of each step adding to the already imense pain that shot through his stomach.He was going to die.He opened his eyes, they held remourse.Not for himself but for his friends, allies and comrades.He stumbled forward far enough to place his hand against the trunk of the tree.His fingernails were longer then normal, and seemed to curve slightly.He slid his hand across the trunk.His nails making grooves in the tree

He stepped forward another three feet.Something in his body gave a sudden stab and he was on one knee.His body fell through the bushes that surrounded him.Only his leg shown as it was laying out from under the bush.He pulled his leg under it.the forest gave another shak, trees were wistling and the wind gave a nasty shake making his senses useless.From under the bush jumped a Black coated wolf, in it's side was a bloody mass of matted fur.It's eyes shown little life as they were half way open.the creature padded as fast as his legs could take him, using what energy he had left in this form.His pace was slowing fast, his eyes shown him more black then anything, the light of the moon was fading behind the trees.

He knew any moment his legs would give, he was suprised they had carried him this far, as hurt as he was.He tried to get a sense of what was around him but all he could smell was the strong sense the blood gave off.His blood.The one thing he did smell was fresh water.His ears perked as he turned slightly in that direction.He emerged moments later next to a fast moving river.To fast for him to swim across in this condition.His breathng felt like the initial wound each breath he took.He knew he was fading fast, knew he would die, and welcomed it.He would not die however from his pursuers.

He listened once more, his form finally bringing him to the ground.He could not manage anymore.He was tired.All his fight had left him.He would be capture, healed and locked up.He was not something that should be locked up, but his kind were rare, and they seemed to want to find a way to breed more of him.He looked at the water then back to where he emerged.Lights.Sounds.they all grew closer.He was dead, he knew this even before they got there.A man pushed through the brush.And laid his eyes on the wolf.

"He is here we found him, boys over here, be careful with him now.he is hurt" the man chuckled at his own words.He approached the Reth with a wide grin, thinking he was going to pin him up that easily.With what strength he had left Reth stood.Snarled and lowered his head, his canines showing.The man pulled a blade from his side and bent his knees as if going to swing it at him.Reth stepped back, his right hind leg going into the water some.Just then he got the idea.He looked to his left at the rushing water.It would easily kill him, and more so in this state.But he wasn't about to be killed by his pursuers.He back into the water as far as he could get before the current dragged his backside into and under the water.The man shouted and ran alongside the river, until he couldn't run any longer.

Reth was uncouncious and drowning, the current dragged him under and was pushing him through logs caught up on the bank, it seemed forever before he was caught on a log in a slow spot.he washedup on the small shore like land.His eyes opened for a brief moment, then unconciousness took him once again.

( This is open for anyone, i feel like playing a wolf character again so if anyone wants to join they are welcome.)
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PostSubject: Re: Fateful Night(Open for anyone)   Fateful Night(Open for anyone) I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 9:40 pm

{Hey, Raven, I'm going to join if that's ok, I have been kinda inactive on this site, but I don't nt to be deleted.. so yea. But I'm not used to reading long posting like yours, so I'm sorry if I missed afew of the details.}

Kurai was walking quietly through the forest, looking for something to do, her lust for blood was not bothering her due to her feeding just the day before, but she was just bored. She hummed lightly untill she heard something not too far away. As she moved she was able to stay hidden in the shadows sence she wore an long black cloak. She moved swiftly to that area where she heard it, but saw nothing.

She was looking around for a moment, & jumped slightly when she saw a black wolf jump from the brush not too far from her, maybe just 6 feet if anything. Then it hit her, she smelled blood. She almost knew immediately that either it was the wold who was hurt, or the wolf had just had dinner. Kurai continued to walk quietly at a safe distance to where she could watch the wolf, & finally realized that it was hurt.

She quietly continued to follow at a distance to where hopefully the wolf could not smell her untill she saw it fall to the ground. She watched the men walk up to the wolf, & when she saw the blade she frowned slightly. Before long she pulled her double-bladed sythe from her cloak & took a step forward after seeing the wolf put itself in the water. "Back off." she growled holding the sythe on a single hand & pointing it to what looked like to be the leader of the group.

She began takeing side-steps towards the water, knowing that she did not have to dive in to save the wolf. "Just leave the wolf now & I promice all but one of you will live." she was frowning, of course, she hated the idea of killing anyone. Before anything else happened, many black rose vines came from the bottom of the body of water, soon lifting the wolf & placeing him to the side of the body of water near where she was. She looked at it from the corner of her eyes, poor thing.
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Fateful Night(Open for anyone)
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